PDF - Adding Terms to end of Doc

Hello everybody. Hopefully this hasn’t been asked prominently, but I’m having a hard time finding the root of this problem.
Just recently migrated our Dolibarr data to a new server with a fresh install on a web host. On the old server, when a commercial proposal PDF was generated, it would create a total of 5 pages; one with the proposal, the other with the terms/conditions/signatures.

I have scoured the DB of the new server in PHPMyAdmin, looked and overwritten files multiple times, and nothing puts the last 4 pages of the proposal into place like on the old server. I cannot find where to add or edit this anywhere. Modules, root directory, nowhere.

Any thoughts or can someone point me in the right direction? I am now at a point where I’m out of rope I believe.

I appreciate it.


Seems that it’s not a core feature.
What’s the name of the PDF template you are using ?

Hi ksar.

Please see attached image. We have the ‘cyan’ and the ‘azur’ templates active, and cyan set as the default. This new server is almost an identical clone to what was on the old server, etc. I can’t find any external/third party modules driving this additional terms/conditions/signature section on the Commercial Proposal doc on the old server, so that’s what brings me here.


Cyan or azur doesn’t add pages on PDF so, either you have another model on your old server or it’s a modified version of Cyan or Azur

Thanks for replying. Agreed, that’s what I was looking for, was some type of modification. I even attempted to overwrite the cyan/azur modules in the core directory with what was on the old server, but alas. No changes.

hello, maybe you had the concatpdf module installed ?