PDF doesnt show Logo anymore


i don’t know what happened but since this morning there is not shown my company logo anymore when i create a PDF like, proposal, order, invoice, shipment…

anybody can help to solve this problem? I’m using multicompany module and this is happening only to one of the companies.

Dolibarr 10.0.2

thanks for you help


Need to check the logs.
You need to contact the multicompagny dev

Hi Ksar,

thanks for your feedback. I mean it worked before and suddenly it disappeared that is why i guess the multicompany module should work. Anyways will send them an email and see their response. keep you posted.


Hi again,

the guys from Multicompany suggested to re upload the company logo which didnt work. then they said i should change it from .png to .jpg. Now it works again but i didnt get an explanation why?