PDF generation: Create a page break to start the table with proposal positions on an new page

I do often have proposals where I do have more than a few lines of text describing the proposal itself before the table with the offered products and services starts.
The bad effect is that - when having the first page nearly completely filled with text (or even having more than one page of text) - the layout crashes, i.e. having an overlapping with the table header and with the first page footer.
My simple solution I’m looking for: Modifiing my pdf_…_modules.php to force a page break after printing the comments area (where I place the lengthly proposal description).

Where is the place in the …_modules.php to place that page break?
(I assume this will be done with a $pdf->AddPage(); )

Thank you for ur help.


I have fideled around a lot with the pdfs lately, send me a pm and im sure we can figure it out.

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