Performance issues with 4+ users

We have installed Dolibarr both on Windows Server and on a standalone machine with pretty hefty CPU and plenty of memory and the client using Dolibarr is seeing huge performance issues once the 4th person logs in.

We are monitoring CPU and memory on the machine hosting Apache+MySQL and seeing about 2% CPU and 25% memory at most. We have looked at several sites regarding performance, but it is not clear where to go. Does anyone have this similar experience running under Windows?

We used version 10.0.4 Doliwamp installer for Windows.


If you want a powerful installation you need to install proper LAMP system on your server.
Doliwamp is for single use.

You have to consider the following:

  1. The speed of you internet connection
  2. Your DNS provider
  3. You router,
  4. You devices such as PC, Tablets, or Cellphone.

Did you know that on iphone 7, Dolibarr run faster than using Samsum Galaxy 5? Yes it does I have tested it.

Do you know that Dolibarr runs faster on direct connection than you used those DNS provider?

Do you know that Dolibarr Runs faster on IPV6 than on IPV4?

Do you know that Dolibarr Runs faster on Cisco NCS6000 than to those Dlink series?

Sorry you need to considered all this things.

Thank you for your time.

I get it Sir, I have experience it too, But I found out that Because of the Internet from this country and from Subscription of the Companies we have only 3mbps downstream and 1mbps upstream. On Dolibarr you must have to have a good upstream. At least 10mbps upstream for 3 users. Meaning when somebody used simultineously they can have 3.5mbps. On this Setup 5 users 1mbps upstream but still Dolibarr do the Job of serving those of their employees.

Thank you for raising this issue, I learn the subject too.

You are also right, but It needs more technical knowledge for someone to which from Apache HTTP Server to LAMP and If you missed? People will be on Standby. But most of all the the things that affect is the PHP Server one the Core setup php.ini which reside on the Server must be configured. There is the Limit, Download, Upload, Time of Idle, Time Active, RAM to be used.

Thank you Mr. Ksar