PHP throw error when submit payment for a loan

After updating to the latest version 14.0.5 (from 12.0.3), we cannot enter payment for a loan:

  • Go to billing / payment
  • Go to loan
  • Click on the existing loan
  • Go to financial commitment tab
  • Click enter payment button
  • Enter the details of the payment and save

The platform display this error:
Warning : Creating default object from empty value in E:\htdocs\erp\loan\payment\payment.php on line 187

Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method stdClass::update() in E:\htdocs\erp\loan\payment\payment.php:191 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in E:\htdocs\erp\loan\payment\payment.php on line 191

There was no problem for the previous version. Please help


I have tried your procedure and do not have any issues on my >V14.0.5
You have it on all your loans or only in one ?

Hi Ksar,

We have three loans in the system, I found that only that loan has this error.

The loan was changed the “end date” and “number of terms” before (in v12.0.3), and there was no problem to enter repayment after the change. But the system prompts this error after upgrading to v14.

Thanks for your help.