Physical stock problem

Hi everybody! I am new in Dolibarr (heard about it about 2 weeks ago), would like to use mainly the products/ stock module, installed ver. 13.0.1 on Firefox 86.0.
I imported our products and stock quantity, but now there is a strange situation, as on the examples on the print screens.
On the Products – Stock page it shows 23 for Physical Stock, but on the product’s stock page there is no Physical stock.
It’s the same situation for all imported products.
Can anybody help to solve this problem?
Thank you for your help!

Hey :grinning:

It seems that the problem is that you made several imports on product table, but not in product_stock table ; so you defined no product stock in your warehouse

a good solution : you must define the stock value in the product table -> field “stock” and you must inform a stock value in your warehouse in the product_stock table - the field is named “reel” and you must define fk_product & fk_entrepot to specify product and warehouse…

Good continuation

Thank you very much for your very quick answer.
I made a mistake, so I reinstalled Dolibarr, and imported as follows
1 - Products,
2 - Warehouses,
3 - Stocks and location (warehouse) of products.
Now I have the same quantity in Physical stock and Virtual stock. I made a Sales order, and after validating the shipment both Physical and Virtual stock was less. I will test it further.
I exported Third parties and contacts with all exportable fields in .csv format, and now when I wanted to import them the fields does not match.
Did I make a mistake?

Hello :grinning:

The best way to import datas is to used a sql script
With a good knowledge of Dolibarr’s structure you can restore every documents you used before…

Have a look at this link :grinning:
This demonstration shows information recovered in 2017

Good continuation

Virtual is the difference of Reel - ongoing orders (validated) I assume :wink:
What your problem was, is an original process of Dolibarr to “double record” the same value in 2 different tables… one in product stock (sum of all warehouses, i guess…) one in product table… that sometimes can have different values, we use it since 10 years and we ar still sometimes surprised of the behaviours