Possible? Automatically processed invoices using customer saved payment for monthly service

I’m getting used to Dolibarr but I have a product I’m already selling and hoping to move off QuickBooks for payment processing, as QuickBooks manages the actual processing of the monthly invoice (as a “Sales Receipt”) but it’s detached from the contract and other items I want customers to be able to access from a portal I’m hoping to use Dolibarr to accomplish. Before I explain further, I figure using Stripe would be ideal (and I prefer them over PayPal), so I have the module installed.

I’m offering Web Hosting for local businesses. For me to cover the hosting, in QB it’s billed automatically using Sales Receipts which process the Credit Card on file every month on X date. The concept is that simple.

I want to use Dolibarr to create a contract, then have that contract tied to an invoice that bills monthly but captures the payment through Stripe and sends a copy to the clients.

Maybe I’m too new to the system to put it all together the “Dolibarr way,” but I would think I could tie a contract to a workflow and have said workflow create a monthly invoice that’s set to bill the client via Stripe if that information is saved.

It seems simple enough because, like I said with QB, I go in, set a Sales Receipt to run every month which captures the charge and sends a confirmation receipt to the client. In practice, it’s maybe 3-5 steps to set it (and then forget it).

I guess the question first and foremost is: is this even possible?

Anybody? There’s no possible way this is a unique concept…

Short answer: Yes, it is a combination of recurring invoices & cronjobs triggering script.