Possible bug with permissions on 14.0.4

Hi all,
I have groups with defined permissions allowed. If I create a new user, the system says “User has no rights”. If I add this user to a group (one or more) it still says “user has no rights”. If I test this user, it is the case that the user has really no rights. I expected a user has the priviliges definded by his account AND the ones the groups has, he is assinged to.

Do I miss a setting?

PHP - Version: 7.3.31-1~deb10u1
Web server - Version: Apache/2.4.38 (Debian)

Even after an update to 14.0.5 it is not working. A group with defined permissions is created. A new user is created. The user gets added to the group. The user has no permissions. Can some1 tell me whats going wrong? Any more information needed?

edit: I was not able to reproduce this problem on an other system with the same version. It seems there the inherit of permissions is working. Is there a flag or so which I may hit unintentionally to disable this?

Solution was to delete the groups and create them again. Then it was working. I doubt this is a way for everyone, but at least for some people it may work. Reason may be an update of the Dolibarr System leant to errors or so.

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