Price based on quantity setup

Hello, i have seen that price in dolibarr can be based on quantity ordered. The parameter is available in other setup, called PRODUIT_CUSTOMER_PRICES_BY_QTY
Unfortunately, there is little documentation i have found regarding the working of this feature.
I will have dolibarr integrated with either prestashop or woocommerce, each with B2B plugins. Both offer prices based on quantity ordered.
I was wondering if the same feature is available in dolibarr, and how the store would communicate with dolibarr
Thank you

I am also very interested in setting up pricing for products ordered from suppliers that have a reduced price at higher quantities

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Let’s hope someone knows how its done

I took a fast look at the code, it looks like the features have still not been enabled.
Maybe in one of the next versions …

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Ok, thank you for the response

IT IS working. Do following:

  1. Go to “Home > Setup > Other Setup”
  2. Paste “PRODUIT_CUSTOMER_PRICES_BY_QTY” in columns 1 and 3 and “1” in column 2 (see attached) and click the “ADD” button.
  3. Go to some product > tab “Selling prices”. Below the current price, you can see " Different prices by quantity (Activate)"
  4. Click on “Activate”
  5. Have fun. )see second attachment when the feature is activated)

P.S.: This is for Dolibarr v14.0.1

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On 14.0.5 that parameter doesn’t work if you don’t set MAIN_FEATURES_LEVEL = 1. Bug or feature?

Activate dont makes anything if MAIN_FEATURES_LEVEL = 0

Problem is that it is fixed for these quantities.

It is normal to have lower per 1 prices if you buy more than x pieces.

Yes, and with this behavior, if you change the quantity in the order, the price remains unchanged.

For example, if a product is worth 10 euros per unit and 10 units are 90 (9 euros per unit), if I put 10 units and then lower it in the order to 8 units, they are still worth 9 euros.

As it works right now this module doesn’t make sense, and it is a very basic functionality for an erp.