Primary Unit of measure in the Item Master (Product)

I’m a new in Dolibarr, I did not find where to define a primary unit of measure in the item master (Product), and there is no conversion of unit of measure. I want to define a primary UoM in the item master like KG or TON, and I sell by Meter.
Any help, I appreciate

Hi Mo,
Check out this page Other setup you can find many useful things like the ones below:

MAIN_VOLUME_DEFAULT_ROUND ► Accuracy of volume (number of decimals)
MAIN_VOLUME_DEFAULT_UNIT ► Default unit for weight (0=kg, -3=g, …)
MAIN_WEIGHT_DEFAULT_ROUND ► Accuracy of weight (number of decimals)
MAIN_WEIGHT_DEFAULT_UNIT ► Default unit for weight (0=kg, -3=g, …)

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Thanks, I’ll use MAIN_WEIGHT_DEFAULT_UNIT and I’ll see if it works or non.
Dolibarr 12.0.3