Problem executing scheduled tasks HTTP error 500

version dolibarr : 13.0.2
version OS : Debian 4.19.171-2 (2021-01-30)
Version Apache : Apache/2.4.38
version PHP : 7.3.27-1~deb10u1
version sgbd :MariaDB 5.5.5-10.3.27

In planned tasks I execute a planned task “recurring invoices”(cron/list.php?id=1&securitykey=G1Yz35f0WQJWz6aNmu8qudx03kIX1X5O&contextpage=cronjoblist&action=confirm_execute&confirm=yes&token=%242y%2410%24S1xrZ47uLru7Ts1BIQFpRecMCmUpcppghnGSrHp6gdf1D4F%2F8wA9.)
The link gives me error HTTP 500.

I look at the Dolibarr logs and I find an SQL error below:

2023-10-28 18:51:19 DEBUG sql=SELECT rowid, name, label, type, size, elementtype, fieldunique, fieldrequired, param, pos, alwayseditable, perms, langs, list, printable, totalizable, fielddefault, fieldcomputed, entity, enabled, help FROM llx_extrafields WHERE elementtype = ‘user’ ORDER BY pos
2023-10-28 18:51:19 DEBUG sql=SELECT MAX(te.title) FROM llx_facture_rec as te WHERE te.title < ‘Mod. facture C.F.’
2023-10-28 18:51:19 ERR DoliDBMysqli::query SQL Error message: DB_ERROR_NOSUCHFIELD Unknown column ‘te.title’ in ‘field list’

So far no execution problems.
Does somebody have an idea ?