Problem with login after upgrade to V18.0.0

it is giving an error “Unknown column ‘flagdelsessionsbefore’ in ‘field list’”
this is after upgrade from V17.0.3 to V18.0.0 and system is Ubuntu V22.04.3
with MariaDB and PHPv8.1.3

i found it my self it was related to user rights on server

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I wanted to update today so happy i didn’t. I’ll just wait a little. How did you solve it?

just change owner on all files in web folder

do you mean permissions? or what? it’s not clear what owner should i change

i did this
root@eksampel:/# chown -R www-data /usr/share/dolibarr/

remember to be superuser
normal user= root@eksampel:/$
super user = root@eksampel:/#

how did you fix it? i have the same problem

i change owners on file in folder /usr/share/dolibarr/

How to change user rights if anyone has solved the issue?

what system are we talking about

Now i have upgraded to Dolibarr 19.0.2 and I’m facing
Unknown column ‘flagdelsessionsbefore’ in ‘field list’

Anyone came through this issue and solved it?

I face the same issue after upgrading dto V190.2.
message error : Unknown column ‘flagdelsessionsbefore’ in ‘field list’
Can anyone help to fix this issue ?
I read also previous help but i can’t understand how to fix it.
Thanks for your help

what operation system are you using

i can see you are using hosting you have to change ownership of files

Thank a lot.
Do you have an idea how i can do that ?

i think you shut contact and see if they have a help forum that can guide you to change ownership of file

Thank a lot. i will ask them

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