Product Combobox Wildcards?

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Iv again been fideling with dolibarr and have been stumped by a feature im looking for. I have activated multiple term searching in the main product overview, however i have now layed my eyes upon the product selection box on the Offer/Order page which does a full match search, there does not seem to be any wildcards which i can use. I have taken a look at the code and this is not an easy php edit as it seems that JS Select2 is used to handle the box. Does anyone have an idea how I can implement wild card searches in these lists as having to exactly match a products name is a pain in the a** every time an offer is written, even worse if you have a lot of positions. Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


did you try with “%” as wildcard, in product combobox, this can be udes for selecting within ref or label products
for example : “quad%band%wifi” can be used for selecting all products with labels containing these 3 words…

In Dolibarr’s lists, you can also use the “^” at the beginning or at the end of your filter text, this is useful for filtering for every name, label or text …

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I have the same problem here (See images) … I can start search a product “Franke” and then I need to further dig into the product details (eg. Franke* Flugloch). But no wildcard deleminiter is working ("%" or “*” or “^”). As soon as I enter a wildcard deleminiter the search goes “blank” and tells me “no product found”.

Am I missing something (user fault) :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.



franke%flug” might give the results, may be it depends of your dolibarr’s version

on online demo, you can test this :

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Nope it does not work for me
Version: 14.0.0
Do I need to activate that specific feature with a variable?

and what is the result with “franke flug” ?

as shown above

“No Result”

I start to type and when typing “%” the results jump to “no results”

Can you try this :

→ activate system logs : you will find the resulted queries for your searches
→ deactivate all additional modules, or special themes

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Can you try this configuration for product module…

THAT did the Trick!!! Thanks a lot for your help!