Product list incomplete when correcting stock

- Version: 9.0.1
- Operating System: WINNT
- Web Server: Apache 2.4.9
- PHP: 5.5.12
- Database: MySQL or MariaDB 5.0.45
- URL(s): dolibarr/product/stock/movement_list.php?id=1&action=correction

When trying to correct stock in a warehouse, the dropdown list just displays the first 20 products. When creating e.g. an invoice, the list displays al products.
I have tried:
-Upping the limit for amount of items in a list in the products module.
-Upping the standard maximum length for lists in the set up > display menu (which is 25 by default anyways)
-Enabling the typing in 1, 2 or 3 characters before loading content option in the products module. This doesn’t work at all and the search keeps loading without ever displaying
-Enabling the PRODUCT_DONOTSEARCH_ANYWHERE option in Home>Setup>Other
-Disabling ajax. (Does not help, the list still just displays the first 20 products.

The problem occurs with different browsers, on different systems and with both Dutch and English(gb) language settings. (I have not tried other languages.)

Thankyou in advance.

I have pushed a fix for 9.0.3.
See the change here:

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Very good to hear! Thankyou. Do you know a workaround to add products to warehouses in the meantime?