Product Stock not adding after classify reception in Purchase Order

Just downloaded new Dolibarr 11.0.3, Product Stock is not adding after classify reception in Purchase Order. Stock is visible in Related items but not in warehouse and stock tab. No entry in Table llx_product_stock

Same problem here.
Any solution so far?


I am afraid you misunderstand the button “Classify reception”. It serves to tell the software not to alert you for an order that contains free products that won’t be managed in the stock, or that the resption was only partial. That way, the order will not popup anymore in the alerts, being considered sort of closed.

If you want your stock to take into account the received products, you have to go through the “Receive items” procedure.

Or you have to try activating the reception module (marked as experimental) and change your stock management options (Home/Module Setup/Stocks) to “Increment stocks when classifying reception”.



I am not able to use ‘Classify Reception’ in Purchase Order. When I select any option ( Delivered, partially delivered, cancelled or Never Received), and click the ‘Receive’ button the page reloads without any errors as if the process got executed without any errors. But the status of the PO doesn’t change and stays in ‘Ordered - Standby reception - Billed’.
Do you have any idea why this is happening?

Hi Sachin,

No sorry, no idea what is happening. In my hands v12.0.3 (current stable) is behaving as expected. If you have an older version, I would encourage to try upgrading first.


No it’s a fresh version which I installed.