One of our suppliers is changing their company name and fiscal data every year, but they always sell the same prodcuts and prices.

If I use the “fusion” function in dolibarr, all products, prices and also invoices and documents are exported to the new supplier created, but I like to mantain the old supplir for historic purposes and create a new one copyng only the information retaled to products and prices.

Anyone knows a secure way to do this?

Do you know how to use SQL on your dolibarr.
You can make an sql like: INSERT INTO llx_product_fournisseur_price (fk_soc, ref_fourn, all other fields …) SELECT your_new_supplier_id, your_new_supplier_ref, all other fields FROM llx_product_fournisseur_price WHERE fk_soc = your_old_supplier_id

First make a backup before you start experimenting.

Thank you fappels,

I prefer to avoid chages in the DB, that´s why Im looking for some other “secure” way, if Dolibarr ready has it and someone knows how to it.

Anyway I appreciate your suggestion.