Project in supplier invoice lines

Hello, i have this kind of need :
When i buy materials from a supplier, this materials can be used for different projects and customers

I would assign the projcet for every single line of the invoice, so when i che the project overview i can estimate the real charge of my project

Is this possible ?

Hope to have explained well the question

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You can add an extrafield on Invoices module setup at Extrafields(lines). Type should be select from table(referenced table is llx_projet)

it is not as easy as @rauldobrota suggests.

You can add the field as suggested but it will not give you the data on the project details page.
You also need to implement these data points via the hook system.

We are running a patched version of GitHub - jere63fr/dolibarr.consumption: Module Consumption for Dolibarr to do that for consumption of a project.
Please watch that repo. I will send the change to the repo soon.

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Thank You everybody
Ok Roul yes, the way is to extend the invoice rows with the project field, but as said by [cfoellmann] the target is to see the results in the project Overview

Interesting your module, let’s keep in touch

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Have a look at

Here I uploaded our current working code for adding stuff to the element.php

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