public interface for members and tickets

hello all

I have a big issue and I canno’t find the way to solve it on TICKET module

this is the URL of my public members on company ID2 (multicompany add-on) www…htdocs/public/members/new.php?entity=2
this is the URL of my public TICKET on company ID2 (multicompany add-on) www…htdocs/public/members/new.php

as you can see the ticket public module doesa not show the ?entity=2 in the URL’s. The url of ticket is refered to the company ID0 that does not have the module atcive and the error message is: The public interface for the tickets was not enabled

Please, can anyone have a solution for this issue?

STABLE version
dolibarr 10.0.2 + multicompany

TEST version
dolibarr 11.0.0 Alpha + multicompany

many thanks in advance for the support

toc toc… :dry: any idea in order to solve this issue?


Your question is regarding an external module.
You should contact the developper of this module.

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hello ksar,

many thanks for your reply but I am confused :unsure: …the confirmation from the module developper on ticket 703055 of September is different:


sorry for the delay,
I will discuss with the project manager to correct Dolibarr, I’ll keep you informed.

this is the reason of why I have opened this tread. I will push again the developper

sorry and have a nice day


Most probably he needs a core modification, that allows his module to work.
But this is manage by the dev.

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