Questions regarding chart of accounts and reports

Hello everyone!
Could anybody help me with the next questions please?

  1. Does the system have an English version of the chart of accounts? If so, please could you advise how to turn it on.
    I can only see these options now

  2. Regarding financial reports system.
    Can the system generate financial statements such as Balance Sheet (statement of financial position), Profit&Loss Statement (income statement) and Cash Flow statements? Can not find them. I see only these available reports -

  3. Does it have multicurrency functionality for reporting purposes?

Thank you

Hi Alex,

  1. The system doesn’t have an English Chart of accounts by default but see my tutorial on how to get an English COA:
    English Chart of Accounts
  2. Those are the reports as of now they’re limited but you can try some addons modules at the Dollistore.
    3.) Yes it has multicurrency module but I don’t get what you mean by reporting purposes.

Those features are not (yet) available even in the latest Dolibarr version.

Dolibarr does not contain a Payroll module.
Tasks on the project module can’t have dependencies between each other.
Dolibarr does not include any Webmail.
Double party accountancy is available since 6.0 but reports are not yet complete.
To manage several companies or foundations, using one installation, you need to add/buy the Module MultiCompany on Note that without purchasing this extra module you can still make as many installations of companies as you need, but you won’t be able to share elements between them (like customers).
Dolibarr can’t do coffee (not yet).

Thank you very much for your answers.
Could you also please clarify the next.
I would like to quickly create my own chart of accounts (there should not be a lot of them and for me, for test purposes now, it much easier to create them from scratch on my own than to upload/customize something).
As soon as I understood from the short manual :

  1. I need to
    STEP 2: Create a model of chart of account from menu Financial-Accountancy-Setup-Chart of accounts models
    STEP 3: Create or check content of your chart of account from menu Financial-Accountancy-Setup-Chart of accounts
    Please advise where should I indicate the Type of account (Sales, Expense, Asset, Liability, Equity/Capital) when I create an accounting account?
    For example, I created 2 accounts for invoicing(sales on credit) purposes
    Please have a look at the screenshot
    When I was creating them I inserted such types in the Class field :
  2. for Sales (Income) - PROD like on the screen - I found the abbreviation in the default French chart of accounts for Services. This Class field is not a drop-down list with options
  3. for Accounts Receivable - TIERS like on the screen I found the abbreviation in the default French chart of accounts for Accounts Receivable
    After it, I used Default accounts page and selected accounts for Sales transaction (Have I done it correct?)
    Please have a look at the screen
    Then I created a test invoice and when I opened Sales journal -
    I saw such Debit and Credits for the transaction as on the sreen
    As you can see Credit is Sales and it is ok. But why do I see an unknown account for Debit?
    It is Subledger Account,
    The transaction should be displayed this way (if I sell on credit and issue an invoice)
    Debit Accounts Receivable and Credit Service Rendered (Sales)
    or roughy Debit Asset type account and Credit Revenue type account

So my questions are:

  1. How to use Type of accounts correct and assign them to new accounting accounts in the Chart of accounts?
  2. How to assign the new accounts to transaction forms (not sure if they called the way in the system - invoices, sales receipts, bills from vendors, expenses, credit memos etc) and display them correctly in Journals and Ledger and later in Financial reports?
  3. May you know when are going to be released inbuilt Financial and more detailed managerial reporting add-ons?
    In what version? What time frame?
    I could not find anything useful in Dolistore. Thank you.

Please could anybody help me with my questions above?
Thank you.

Hey AlexC,

Did you find how to link to put the category to accounting account?

I asked the same question here and did not receive a response.

I beginning to think the accounting module is incomplete. I’m figuring there should be a link between tag/categories and accounting account. I originally thought it was user error, now I’m not so sure. Any thoughts?

Hi Alex
Am exactly at your stage now, would you please share any findings you have reached regarding these issues

Is there anything done on these?

Does the latest Dolibarr have these features.

Since, Dolibarr is and opensource, it is for you, How you will build up your Accounting system in accordance to the accounting Accounting Rules, Accounting Principles and Accounting Standard to your Country and to the Policy of the Company with-which you implemented the Dolibarr. Otherwise I configured it with Different set of Accounting Standards (GAAP, IFRS, IASC, CAS[Chinese Accounting Standard]) and in Different country and in Different Accounting Rules the system is working fine.

As for me, Dolibarr system depends on How you implemented the System and how you know the Accounting Set of Principles. The more you used it. The more you used into it.

A lot of Accounting Professionals are asking about their Standard, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement. The answer is Yes and No.
Yes, In the sense that you must create your own as per the Rules and Regulations of your Company and Country. but all of this Reports are there inside for your to do it.

No.: There is nothing like any other Pre-Published Trial Balance, Balance Sheet or Income Statement. As I explain before. This depends on how you build up your Accounting Standard.

I setup Dolibarr in the Group of Companies. Meaning Centralization of Accounting. It works fine.

Imagine. This Scenario which is Real. The Debit and Credit on Arabic standard is Credit and Debit. But then again. The Fixed Assets in European Standard such as Great Britain. Fixed Assets First the the last is the Current Assets and so be with Liabilities. Whilst in U.S GAAP is in the other side of the Story. So can this be done with Dolibarr? Yes it does. as the themes implies “Open Source”.