Ready for our Dolibarr production server

After more than a month of testing and fixing some bugs, I’m ready to implement Dolibarr on our company. Although we can’t exactly use 100% of its functionality as designed, we will be able to use most of it and adjust to it.
For the server part, I have chosen an i7-9700, 16GB RAM, 1 TB NVMe SSD.
Once the installation is done, I want to optimize everything to make it run in the fastest possible way.
All tips are welcome.

Hi guy!
Looks great.
Which OS type are you using? Linux or windows?
Web Server type: Apache, Nginx, Openlitespeed…
Database type: PosgreSql, Mysql, MariaDb?
Dolibarr version you will use?
Better if you can open a training course in 1 or 2 weeks to test performance before using it.

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Windows 10 Pro 64x
Dolibarr latest stable version

Hi guy!
How about your pagespeed score. Pagespeed load < 1.1 s?

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Are you talking about the lighthouse score?

Chrome lighthouse gives a score of 82 for homepage. Dolibarr debug bar shows load speed of 250 mS.

Hi Bro!
I think with that speed is extremely fast. In case using long term with expandable module without error. Should be no problem.

Not even able to log in to the Dolibarr forum it says can’t log in from the IP!

Could you try login with proxy?

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I am able to log in using a VPN. Have notified dolibarr and they are investigating this.