[RELEASE] Module SpeedFinder

Hi all,

This module SpeedFinder adds a menu to quick search for a contact or a company by entering a few digits of the phone and vat number.

Available for free on DoliStore : here

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I tried this module on Dolibarr 3.6.1 but it is not working.

Hi destef,

What is the problem?

I have setup the module and when I enter a few numers from a vat or telephone number nothing happens.
It shows:
no suggestion
new prospect
new contact

You should have added contacts.
Try to add contact to a company.

I have more the 600 companys in my client database. I have to add contacts to all …?

Yes we know it’s a bug we believe that the next version will be fix.

Hello ndrosis!
Is it possible to search in skype/web/email?
By example to have two entry fileds SFinderSearchLabel:
- one for numbers - as it is now;
- one for text strings - searching in text fields (not in core search -ref, name)

Actually, I too faced this kind of problem, It shows error on display panel.

pos terminal