Remove JuridicalStatus on the footer of template

when I generate the proposal with Azur model or a invoice with Crabe model, on the footer I see the Juridical Status (raison individuelle).
How I can remove it ? I don’t find this variable on the model file.

Thank you
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For the rest of the community, please share how you solved it. :happy:

I removed the red code

* Show footer of page. Need this->emetteur object
* @param PDF $pdf PDF
* @param Object $object Object to show
* @param Translate $outputlangs Object lang for output
* @param int $hidefreetext 1=Hide free text
* @return int Return height of bottom margin including footer text
function _pagefoot(&$pdf,$object,$outputlangs,$hidefreetext=0)
global $conf;
return pdf_pagefoot($pdf,$outputlangs,‘PROPOSAL_FREE_TEXT’,$this->emetteur,$this->marge_basse,$this->marge_gauche,$this->page_hauteur,$object,$showdetails,$hidefreetext);


Thanks for this saved me a lot of time :slight_smile: