Reports / Custom Reports

Hi !

I know a more advanced reporting/accountancy feature is planned for Dolibarr. But I would like to request the feature to export custom reports.

What I would like to see is the ability to enter/select fields where you could enter a query (multiple) & date, and it would create a PDF export from the database.

Examples of an export would show the amount of products sold (sales order) on a certain date, or products that have arrived or have been shipped out. Or a list of invoices that have been created… the possibilites would be endless…

Anyway, exporting to PDF documents with a query would be a simple but valueable feature in dolibarr!

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maybe acustomizable report module?
I do support this suggestion.

Wow great!! just wish it would be done soon

any chance of getting this customizable reports module soon?

Have you considered using an external reporting program? As an ERP software consultant I am used to built-in reporting software being quite limited in most of the cases. In my daily work I use Crystal Reports, Qlikview and Tableau for reporting outside all kinds of ERP systems, sometimes also using datawarehousing (on a smaller scale, I leave big projects to BI professionals).

Having said this, I believe it’s possible to use a minimalistic version of both Qlikview and Tableau free of charge. Isn’t that an idea?

What tables / fields do you pull?

I have managed to get PHP Reports working with Dolibarr v14 in VIEW mode only

Currently trying out some business-case sql statements. Not very good with MySQL though.

Have you checked : Pivot Reports (Cross tables for Dolibarr)