Reset Dolibarr Database

Some time back in a post with a much earlier version of Dolibarr it was asked if there is a means to remove all the entered transactions but keep the configuration data. At the time of this earlier version, it was stated that it was not possible. I have been using Dolibarr 18.1 now for a couple weeks & am interested to know if this may have changed. I have Dolibarr installed on our Ubuntu 22.04 server & wish to know if a method has been created to remove all the entered transactions…essentially, remove everything in the database except for the configuration data. There are a lot of tables in the database which would require a good knowledge of the database structure in order to remove all of this data without grundging the database.


There is an external module now that “Reset” Dolibarr : Doli Reset
But I never tried it.

Thanks Ksar… I guess I’m a bit skeptical at the moment. The description indicates dropping tables which does not sound right. Some of the code I read in the module is actually deleting records but not dropping the table. Maybe setup a test bed on a separate VM & run it to see what occurs. Wish there was documentation with it.