REST image API with base64 encoding

Hi. I would like to upload product images with a filename and a base64 encoded string and let doli take care of resizing and adding them to the system.
Does anybody have any code to do this?

I have some code, you can have a look in my own custom api. The base64 upload is in class ExtDirectProduct method addBase64Jpeg()

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Very nice!
With this code it should be straight forward to create a core REST api for this it seems. I’m not that skilled with PHP yet so I probably won’t do it anytime soon.

It looks like the data is sent via GET, is that correct? That imposes a size constraint, right?

It’s POST, variable name is badly chosen. I named it url because has some header like “data: image/jpeg;base64,…”. All POST is handled and converted to RPC by small php file router.php

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