Restore dolibarr

Hy master dolibarr…
someone caa help me
how to restore dolibarr from old hosting to new hosting…

please…and thanks …

What OS?

before i am using dolibarr install from softacolous…because the storage not enought,so…and now i change to new hosting…

and the domain already transfer to new hosting,

What OS you mean???master,

OS = Operating System!

Sorry, there is a minimum set of computer related knowledge required so somebody can work with Dolibarr - and we will be able to help succesfully.

i use win 8 32 bit system.,i3 RAM 6GB

i already upload old db to new db,in PHPmyadmin…,and setting user db pass,and change the passw in conf file,

the error massage is www…domainname/install/index.php ( error 404 )

Dolibarr resides on a Server. So the Server OS has to be known.

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I think this is all you need to know:

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Many thanks

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