Restore Sql Dump Error


Pls i need help.

I created another instance and want to restore the Database of the previous to the current.

Following the steps shown in Dolibarr for restoring, i got the error as seen below.

How do i go about its resolution

CREATE TABLE llxud_accounting_account (
rowid bigint(20) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
entity int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT 1,
datec datetime DEFAULT NULL,
tms timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT current_timestamp() ON UPDATE current_timestamp(),
fk_pcg_version varchar(32) NOT NULL,
pcg_type varchar(20) NOT NULL,
account_number varchar(32) NOT NULL,
account_parent int(11) DEFAULT 0,
label varchar(255) NOT NULL,
labelshort varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
fk_accounting_category int(11) DEFAULT 0,
fk_user_author int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
fk_user_modif int(11) DEFAULT NULL,
active tinyint(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT 1,
reconcilable tinyint(4) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
import_key varchar(14) DEFAULT NULL,
extraparams varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (rowid),
UNIQUE KEY uk_accounting_account (account_number,entity,fk_pcg_version),
KEY idx_accounting_account_fk_pcg_version (fk_pcg_version),
KEY idx_accounting_account_account_parent (`a[…]

MySQL said:
#1005 - Can't create table geewyitj_doli851.llxud_accounting_account (errno: 121 "Duplicate key on write or update")

Pls whats the solution to this
Thank you

I don’t know the steps that Dolibarr uses for recovery but I think your problem can be solved by disabling the temporarily foreign key constraint