Rmove Dolibarr from tittle and login header


i will like to show something more personal in these places, is it possible?

Dolibarr 3.X.X version in the page tittle, and in the login screen.

Attached a few images for clarify.

Thank you



This will change the login header

edit file


Edit line 86 to this

<?php echo "YOUR NEW INFO"; ?\>

to change the title (Page dependent)

In the same file
edit line 33

<title>’.$langs->trans(‘Login’).’ ‘.$title.’</title>’."\n";


<title>’.$langs->trans(‘Whatever You Want’).’ </title>’."\n";

The changes above will only change the login page… To change the title once in dolibarr I haven’t figured out yet


Thanks a lot Kevin !! :woohoo:

I could been searching and never foud it, now is so easy.

Regards from Madrid

No Worries :happy:

I’ll post here when I figure out how to change the title once your logged into Dolibarr

Can’t you make all that without digging in the code ?

Setup/Other setup :
. add the variable MAIN_APPLICATION_TITLE value is up yo what you want

Setup/Display :
. you can modify some parameters up to your needs



Very Awesome…

To be entirely honest I’ve only been messing with Dolibarr for about 3 weeks for a client…

I’m a little more accustomed to editing php directly vs edits within a system and being such you can change things like (‘Login’) to (‘Welcome To’) whereas edits within Dolibarr will only allow you to change system wide variables i.e (.$title.)

However your Other Setup trick for the Dolibarr title was brilliant!!! It saved me tons of time

What else can you do with Other Setup??

The solution provided by Kevin works perfectly, but maybe the code must be changed everytime you update to a new Dolibarr versión.

By the way humphrey, how do you get this variable?, i´ve been searching for all possible variables in the wiki with no success and I´m sure there must be many wich could help to personalize Dolibarr a lot.

Yeah I would imagine the code change would be lost after processing any update…

Don’t get me wrong the variable setup within Dolibarr is definitely the way to go if you plan on keeping up with releases but it limits you to system wide changes

For instance I didn’t like the “Connection” button on the login page so I changed it to “Login”

A variable I’m almost certain couldn’t have been changed within Dolibarr

but thats me I guess… I like to change little things like that throughout different systems for a more custom feel

The variables list is available at the wiki page http://wiki.dolibarr.org/index.php/Setup_Other

i.dannati : you are only using Dolibarr for 3 weeks ??? I read you other posts and it looks like you already know quite a lot about Dolibarr, you are great ! that’s amazing for me !!

I’m not a developer, just a regular user, sometimes I’d really love being able to understand and modify the PHP code for our needs… maybe in another life…

Anyway you’re right that any modification will be lost after an upgrade, so it is quite difficult to restore the modifications after an upgrade, moreover that there are huge structure changes since 3.2.0


Thank you Humphrey!

PHP coding can be very easy given the right tools…

A basic starting point is:

Firefox with firebug extension (This will help with css mainly but provides tools from tracing code down)

Textwrangler if you have a mac
Geany if you use linux
Not sure what for windows but search for alternatives in google…

Those apps will not only seriously help in coding but more importantly they provide easy access to tracing… Lets say you want to find a particular code but have no idea what file to search

Simply search the entire document root with either of those applications

They will also allow you to compare one file to the next… So if there is a update you can compare the 2 different files to determine if coding changes were made and where

A trick we developers use to keep track of changes is simply create a local folder and call it revisions

When you change any file you duplicate the file structure within revisions so revisions/core/menus/standard/eldy.lib.php (recent one I worked on)

this way you can keep track of every edit as well as tailoring a custom comment out code for yourself like //dannati above all your edits… (makes searching for them in the future so much easier)

on a side note anyone who wants to learn in their spare time should visit http://codeacadamy.com its a great website to learn everything from the basics to more advanced programming…

if you ever get stuck with any code no worries! Just send me a email i.dannati@yahoo.com and I’ll do want I can to help!


I want to delete Need help or support ?) from login page…how can i do this ??

I failed to modify the title and login headers…
in Other setup Iadded MAIN_APPLICATION_TITLE and gave it value 1.
there is no other place to go to edit or see what to change…

Please help step by step if possible, am completely new to linux and dolibarr

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Instead of 1, write what you want to show, “My erp”, if that field is blank, then dolibarr will show again

Edit main.inc.php and change or comment this line

// Displays title

for this line
$appli=‘your title’;

1 - Edit main.inc.php
2 -Change or comment this line

     // Displays title

Write your title
$appli=‘your title’;

How To delete text dolybar alpha … etc.

This method really works well. I did for a dolibarr 11.0.4 version

I have just figured it out by adding this value in Setup > Other setups
add your company name or something to replace Dolibar

This will change the title of the software (that appears on the login page by default).
Warning: changing this may make Dolibarr version detection fail by smartphone applications like [Application Android - DoliDroid]
(Application Android - DoliDroid - Dolibarr ERP CRM Wiki) breaking some features when using Dolibarr from this application.