Scheduled jobs not running on Dolibarr 12.0.3

I enabled Local Database Backup which is a built in scheduled job in Dolibarr 12.0.3 which is disabled at the time of installation. I am manually able to click run and the job successfully runs and saves an SQL dump.
However, when it is scheduled to run,
I get [09/Nov/2020:15:07:13 +0300] “-” 408 - in apache server log whenever a scheduled job is triggered.
How can this be solved?

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Please see the screenshot. Notice the icons after scheduled time is triggered.


How do you launch the schedule job script ? by cron ?

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It is the default settings. I did not change anything. Schedule job script.


This is not what I ment.

The schedule job module need to be externally activated every 5 minutes to work.
Have you done this step ?

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I’m afraid I haven’t done that.

If you do not do it, scheduled jobs are never executed.


But my settings are similar to yours right?

Also it says on Unix environment we need to run it every 5 mins
I use windows.

This is my result on trying the second link.

cron_run_jobs.php cronjobid: 6 priority=90 entity=0 label=MakeLocalDatabaseDumpShort -> we change entity so we reload user and conf - qualified - result of run_jobs = 1 - reprogrammed Result: 1 jobs - 1 launched = 1 OK + 0 KO

Yes this is working.

But you need to have an external tool that launch the script every 5 minutes.

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I believe you are referring to this -

Command line to check and launch qualified cron jobs:
…/scripts/cron/cron_run_jobs.php bT492eaMO8RnN20X1nJ0w2pW5YubQvHn sachin [cronjobid]

Note: On Microsoft™ Windows environment you can use Scheduled Task tools to run the command line each 5 minutes

Which php file should I call every 5 mins?
I found one cron_run_jobs.php in Apache24\htdocs\dolibarr\public\cron

When I tried to run that, I got
“PS C:\php> .\php.exe -f C:\Apache24\htdocs\dolibarr\public\cron\cron_run_jobs.php
Error: This page can’t be used as a CLI script. For the CLI version of script, launch cron_run_job.php available into scripts/cron/ directory.”

But I am not able to find any other cron_run.php file.



Can be download from here :

In your setup you are supposed to have :

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What did you mean by

In your setup you are supposed to have :

Do I have to include these in cron_run_jobs.php?
What values should I give for?
require_once $path."…/…/htdocs/";
require_once DOL_DOCUMENT_ROOT."/cron/class/cronjob.class.php";
require_once DOL_DOCUMENT_ROOT.’/user/class/user.class.php’;

Because, I am getting the following error while I try to run the script.

C:\php>php C:\Apache24\htdocs\dolibarr\scripts\cron\cron_run_jobs.php bT492eaMO8RnN20X1nJ0w2pW5YubQvHn sachin 1
PHP Warning: require_once(C:\Apache24\htdocs\dolibarr\scripts\cron/…/…/htdocs/ failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\Apache24\htdocs\dolibarr\scripts\cron\cron_run_jobs.php on line 45
PHP Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘C:\Apache24\htdocs\dolibarr\scripts\cron/…/…/htdocs/’ (include_path=’.;C:\php\pear’) in C:\Apache24\htdocs\dolibarr\scripts\cron\cron_run_jobs.php on line 45

I even tried updating paths in cron_run_jobs.php
require_once $path.“C:\Apache24\htdocs\dolibarr\”;
require_once DOL_DOCUMENT_ROOT.“C:\Apache24\htdocs\dolibarr\cron\class\cronjob.class.php”;
require_once DOL_DOCUMENT_ROOT.‘C:\Apache24\htdocs\dolibarr\user\class\user.class.php’;

These are the correct directories where required files exist. Still it’s the same error

It was taking additional path names from $path and DOL_DOCUMENT_ROOT
That is why it was not able to access required files! :sweat_smile:
I removed those and it an fine.
Thank you so much for your help. :raised_hands:


YOu have a non standard Dolibarr installation.
You should adapt this line:

Should become

require_once $path."…/…/dolibarr/";


My installation was in windows, so I gave the appropriate paths and it worked.
Thanks ksar.

require_once “C:\Apache24\htdocs\dolibarr\”;
require_once “C:\Apache24\htdocs\dolibarr\cron\class\cronjob.class.php”;
require_once ‘C:\Apache24\htdocs\dolibarr\user\class\user.class.php’;

Modification of the first line is enough.

the define the DOL_DOCUMENT_ROOT variable.

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Now it is saying, cron_run_jobs.php cronjobid: 2 priority=50 entity=0 label=PurgeDeleteTemporaryFilesShort -> we change entity so we reload user and conf - not qualified Result: 1 jobs - 0 launched = 0 OK + 0 KO