Scheduled Jobs - securitykey is wrong

I installed Dolibarr 7.0.1 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS using Dolideb and default values. Everything seems to be running OK except for Scheduled Jobs. The local database backup fails to run. cron_run_jobs.php.log reads:
***** cron_run_jobs.php (7.0.1) pid=1976 ***** userlogin=admin ***** 1530114301 *****
Error: securitykey is wrong

Do I have a configuration wrong/missing? Or something else?

Generate a new security key and update crontab with the new key.

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Thank you for this screenshot of where to find / generate the securitykey.

I am a new user of Dolibarr, and installed 12.0.1 just a few hours ago. In my installation, I don’t see “Miscellaneous” under Scheduled Jobs

Is this a deprecated feature?