Search filters in email collector


i am using email collector module > collect leads
in filters i have selected subject and want to give various values. it should collect mails if subject contains keywords like quote, quotation, RFQ, requirement

please suggest how to write string


The filters will be used to build an imap_search call (see
Look at line 1000 of emailcollector/class/emailcollector.class.php how the search string is built up. The latter will be printed in the log file as well. Please note the result may depend on the targeted imap server.
With multiple keywords, you may have to define different collectors with dedicated sets of filters.
Do not hesitate to share your experience !

Add a filter on subject will allow you to filter on “quote”. However, if you add a second filter, it will be added to be a “AND” filter. There is no way to make a OR for the moment. The workaround is to build several collectors.


I need one more information.
Email collector is not running automatically.
It is there in scheduled jobs with executions every 20 min.
We have to play it manually

Check that you follow the instruction provided into setup of module “Job scheduler”. You must have the tool to run jobs added to you crontab

I setup job scheduler, email collector. When i go in jobs scheduler page it shows warning pic “late”. If i press play there it checks for mails and work fine but next time didn’t run automatically

So this means you dont add the suggested entry into your crontab or your crontab daemon is not runnin (crontab is a feature of your operating system not related to Dolibarr, but Dolibarr need it to have scheduled jobs being triggered)