Security token has expired, so action has been canceled "BUG"

Hello Guy’s,

Please, I have been requested to ask for help form the github for the Security token has expired, so action has been canceled “BUG” I am getting through the installation.

Now that I have recently updated to the 14.0. version, I am unable even to log into it?

The bug "Security token has expired, so action has been canceled ": was already all over prior the update, however, I was able to log and do some actions like create invoices, etc.

[* Security token has expired, so action has been canceled *]

Server Environment

PHP Version 7.4.22

MySQL Version 10.3.31-MariaDB
Architecture x86_64
Operating System linux
Shared IP Address
Path to Sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail
Path to Perl /usr/bin/perl
Perl Version 5.16.3
Kernel Version 3.10.0-962.3.2.lve1.5.44.2.el7.x86_64

Than you

I hope this security token is still considered as bug! because it is definely a bug!
It may have to do something with the server configuration, for not everyone is confrionted with this bug. But still could not be found out what is the reason for this bug ti some people.

I had the same issue, when installing a new dolibarr 14.1 version on my server for testing - it was then the same issue as you decribed - wheras my production side with 14.0 worked well on the same server, same configuration - After several tryouts I doscovered a very fuinny tnhing:
my prodiction version were in a folder called “dolibarr” whereas my test version under a folder called “dolitest”. As soon as I change its name from “dolitest” to “dolibarr” the security token was no longer a problem. But OI could find nothimng in my database or dolibarr confirguatikon that could explain this strange behaviour.
My explanation then: Somethimng with this security token error must have to do with the naming of the server path to the dolibarr installation uinder certain server configurations. In my case debian/apache rinning with fast-cgi - but what exactly it is, has still to be found out on this bug.