Serial/lot module, how to use per unit?


Dolibarr seems to be able to support serial numbers, and since my boss asked me to find a way to keep track of all our units (we use Dolibarr since 5 years) I am investigating this.

However, this “lot/serial” feature seems to work only on lots and not on per unit. What we want is basically this:

We (a reseller in the medical sector) purchase 20 units of identical tools (medical machines). We re-sell them one by one to hospitals. Using the units’ unique serial numbers, we want to keep track of its activity. The activity itself can be tracked by moving between warehouses in Dolibarr, but how can we add the units’ serial numbers?

I added 42 test products and added a serial number like “SN-1234-test-XXXXX”. When trying to move /1/ unit from warehouse 1 to warehouse 2, I could enter any new serial number I want, but got the error: “qtyToTranferLotIsNotEnough” because Dolibarr works on the 42 as a lot and not 42 individual units.

So, is a serial number tracking system like this achievable in Dolibarr, or do we need to find another solution? The best thing is if we could keep everything within Dolibarr.

Pièces jointes :

A lot per unit is a lot/serial where you have only 1 in quantity for each serial. So it works same way.
If you have 42 qty for lot 1 (you should not if you use serial as unique but imagine), then you can move a quantity of 1 without problem. The message
qtyToTranferLotIsNotEnough means you try to move a qty 1 when you have 0 for this lot in source stock.
Try to upgrade you dolibarr, it may be a bug.

Can someone please direct me on how to properly use lot/serial module.
I’ll love to use a serial number for all products of same type. The challenge has being stocks. Saying I can only use a serial for a single product.