Serial numbers (electronics)


I’m setting up dolibar working with prestashop. Everything works really nice except for serial numbers.

We sell autosport electronics. Each device has his own serial number to keep track of issues and service.

When I make a purchase order with lets say 5x product X, when I add a reception I can only fill in one serial number for 5 items.
So 5 item with the same number.

I need to make a purchase order with 5 lines of the same product to get 5 lines when receiving the order and add the serial numbers.

This is very confusing.
Why isnt it possible to add 5 serial numbers to one line with 5 products.

screenshot 1

screenshot 2

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what is your Dolibarr’s version ?
Did you set your product as this :

I think you can make your purchase order without serial numbers
But on reception you will be able to indicate each serial number

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I use the latest version. Product set as you descripe.
When I order 5 products with one rule, so quantity 5.
Send the purchase order.
then make an receipt, now there is one line with quantity 5. only one field to add a serial number

on reception you will be able to indicate each serial number one by one

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Do you have a screenshot maybe. I only see one input field.


When you click " CREATE RECEPTION " , and you will see as below .

Then you will need to input firstt serial number and change the Qty to 1 (If you purchase two of this item . ) .
Then click image to create second line , then input second serial number .

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Thank you very much!