Server requirements for dolibarr cloud hosting

I want to host a dolibarr V12 .0.2 instance in a AWS ec2 virtual cloud server. I would expect configure this application for a medium scale business unit. I am going to go ahead with AWS t3a.small server with 2GB RAM and 10GB hard disk storage. It is a 2Core server.
Are these resources enough for running the dolibarr application (All Modules) without any interruption?

Please advice me?



It depends on how many simultaneous users you will have and what size of database (number of products, etc…)

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I am not familiar with AWS, do they give you Windows or Linux? Will you be installing Apache (which i assume you will use).

2Gb sounds small, i would use 4Gb at least is the machine is running Apache and PHP

It is up to 10 simultaneous users. Less than 50 products, & invoices + orders = around 300 per month.
Any idea?


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