Setting an Agenda Item to update the Project Task Time Spent?

Is it possible to have a newly created agenda item update the “Time Spent” section of a Project Task?

For more information, here’s what I’ve tried:

  1. I go to “Agenda” and select the “Week view”.
  2. I click the + sign to the right of today’s date.
  3. I fill in all the fields (Type, Label, Start Date and Time, End Date and Time, Status / Percentage, Location… and then Project, Task, and Priority (?).
  4. I put in notes on what I did for this project task
  5. I click Add.

This appears to create a “Linked Event” in the Project Task, but it does not populate the “Time Spent” area.

The “real world impact” of this is that my accounting guy goes through and looks for the time in the projects so he can add them to invoices he has for those customers, but he doesn’t see any time, and yet, he can see that my calendar/agenda is populated.

So, is there a way to not have to “duplicate” work?

On a related note, my staff has asked if it’s possible to put in a “start time” and an “end time” to the time spent section of a task and have the software calculate the hours for them. Possible?

Thanks in advance!

You can “export” calendar events into the time spent view thanks to the plugin timesheet
After setting up timesheet, on the page Timesheet view available at this adress …/custom/timesheet/Timesheet.php
you will have a new button “Import from calendar” which achieve your needs

Thank you! We’ll try it out!