Setup dolibarr to generate ODT to PDF

Hi, i had currently installed dolibarr into my nas synlogy virtual web station, can anyone teach me step by step on how i can make dolibarr to generate odt to pdf. as im using odt template.

thank you


Step1: Go to Home > Setup > Modules

and select which ever module you want to add the ODT. For example Invoice …

Step 2: Click on Settings icon of Invoice module and click Miscellaneous.

Step 3 : Upload the ODT file there

Step 4. Click Invoices on the Menu and create a test invoice

Step 5: Select the Invoice ODT File name you have uploaded and Click “Generate” button

and Volia, you will have a PDF and .ODT invoices.

You can follow this document : Create an ODT document template - Dolibarr ERP CRM Wiki for the tags



If you use ODT model, you have ODT output.

There is a possibility to convert automatically ODT in PDF, but this required to install :

  • Java
  • Libre office
  • jodconverter

Then you can set-up the additional variable: MAIN_ODT_AS_PDF to jodconverter

Not sure how to get all this on Synology

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i was trying to do the same thing, didnt find a solution yet, i am running it on my synology webserver. is there no other way around it? some website or some docker solution that runs the conversion?
Thank you

did you ever find a solution? i am running it the same way

No gabzee, i tried use docker to install libre office and just can get the script to work. I now still using the manual way. Use open office to open the odt and print in pdf. I am still looking for the solution.

Thank you for the feedback and update, I’ll update you if i come across a way .

I am told this is now “fixed”, no external plugins required, am still looking on the forum for the answer

Hi there,
Maybe this is what you are looking for.
Go to other settings and add the setting: MAIN_ODT_AS_PDF with the value: libreoffice
(Libre Office must be installed at the server.)

Hi griffcom, have you come across any solutions?

This was pushed down the list (abit) due to other work, however its still live so will post back if i have more details.