I am new user to Dolibarr
need help to configure some features suitable to use in Kerala-India

In PDF change Sales tax to GST


On the Setup -> dictionary you can change the textes.

On the Setup -> dictionary me failed to find text setup pls help

Muhammed Ikka, ithano vendathu ?
Is this the way you wanted ?
You could change it in Translation.

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Check Home->Setup->Translation

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its done.
can you help me to add kerala Flood Cess 1%

Home-Setup-Dictionaries - VAT Rates or Sales Tax Rates

can you provide some explanation pls.

Hi Muhammed,

  1. You can go to Home-> Setup-> Dictionaries -> VAT Rates or Sales tax rates . Then you can add a new tax rate there. Use the country code -INDIA, code-FLOOD , rate -1%, Add a note - Kerala flood.

  1. Make sure you have setup India as the country in the company setup: Home-> setup->Company->modify->country=INDIA. Then you could use added tax rates from step 1.

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Hi Akkz
added flood tax
pls see 2 nd attachment reqiuired

I need some help here. I made the following change and still the PDF output shows only “Sales Tax”. What am i doing wrong ?


Setup — Translation----VAT---- change to IGST

Thank you very much !! It worked now.