Shipping Costs Module

I’m looking through the file structure and noticed there is a “/shippingcost/” directory that is not part of the core system. I went into setup->modules and found the module “Shipping Costs Management” in the CRM section and see that it is on the same version of the ERP I am running (11.0.4). Everything is pointing to this module being part of the core system. Did it rename or move somewhere? Do I have to purchase this in the store?


I don’t know from where it is coming but it is not a core module.

Is there anything in the core system to do shipping costs? The module that is on Dolistore only goes to 7.X and I’m at 11.0.4. Any suggestions?

This is still an issue. We’re looking into using a third party tax service (Avalara) to manage and track sales tax for us. Is there something in the core system that allows tracking sales tax?