Show VAT / TAX on invoice even when its Zero value

Can someone please help me make the VAT / Tax value show on the pdf invoice even when the value of the tax is zero?

currently I have the tax working correctly when the tax is over 0, and it shows the tax line between the excluding tax and including tax (perfect). But when I have items that are zero taxed the pdf prints with no VAT/TAx lines at the bottom? can you please help.

Dear All, I just found a way to solve this, I made the below change in /public_html/dolibarrfolder/core/modules/facture/doc/pdf_crabe.modules.php

Look for this line " if ($tvakey != 0) // On affiche pas taux 0" and change the “0” to “1” so it will be " if ($tvakey != 1) // On affiche pas taux 0"

it now shows the VAT / TAX line above the TTC/ Tax included.

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Thank you so much, for your good heart to show the solution here. Very useful after all these years.