SOLVED: change textcolor for required fields labels


is there an easy way to change the textcolor from all labels of required fields?

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nobody with an idea?

In default these textlabels are bold text with dark-blue textcolor.
How to change this to maybe red textcolor?

Where are these fields defined?
I could not find.

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The style of text/any object on any page is determined by the css style applied to that text.
To find that out, press f12 in the browser to open the developer tools and then inspect (select the text with the inspect cursor) the text you are interested in.
The developer info will show the styles applied to that text and in which file they are defined (such as “styles.css”).
Edit that style definition in that file, to what you want.
This is not Dolibarr-specific, this is a standard procedure that applies to all modern websites that use “css cascading style sheets” so that is the search term you use to research further, rather than posting here.

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Each color has particular color code, and you need specify the color code within the code to change the color of the text.

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Thank you,

i had already looked for this and changed the color codes
for ‘.fieldrequired’
in /dolibarr/htdocs/theme/eldy/style.css.php
but nothing changed.


Thank you again

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I have changed the code to red (below) and it works. Delete your browser cache to see the changes if it doesn’t work.

[tt]LINE: 2905[/tt]

.fieldrequired {
	font-weight: bold;
	color: #fe0000;

Hope it helps.


I tried it with a different html code for red and maybe i did not clear the cache.
I dont know what i was - but now it works!
Thank You!

Currently editing the same property of different controls is not available in PowerApps.

I like the idea to make the required field more visible. For some odd reason though, the aforementioned procedure is not properly described.
The CSS file should not be edited. It partly gets its data from the file.
The fieldrequired color parameter in Doli12 is line 37


You have that also :

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OK - I found out. According to which u.i. design you’d pick in the settings (“Eldy” or “MD” as standard), the css structure is not the same.

I do like the “MD” ui because of the responsiveness and the folding menu, however, while the color pick somehow remains between the 2, the changes made to the are not kept here.

It’s obvious but in case someone is interested: In the “MD” ui, the “fieldrequired” params are integrated within the css file which explains why the instructions above differed for the “Eldy” theme.