[SOLVED] Custom ODT tags for Shipping Slip

EDITED: Explanation of solution I found (it’s a work-around).

I posted a question on how to create custom ODT tags for built-in modules, like Expedition (Shipment)

The reference at https://wiki.dolibarr.org/index.php/Create_an_ODT_document_template has a list of pre-defined ODT tags and shows how to create custom ODT tags.

I looked through the PHP code and to the best of my analysis, the above documentation for creating custom tags only applies to tags for custom built modules, not the built-in modules.

I did discover that the built-in tags are generated in the file htdocs/core/class/commondocgenerator.class.php

I have successfully added a tag by modifying commondocgenerator.class.php

It’s not the best solution, because you have to retrofit your changes every time you upgrade Dolibarr, but it works.