SOLVED: Forced Logout

I log in well in Dolibarr, but when i try to access any menu, i am forced out (logged out) and forced to a login page again. I check the log file and i see this line whenever the forced log-out happens:

INFO nologin soc — End access to /societe/soc.php (Warn: db disconnection forced)

I have two applications connecting to same MySQL server and both have the same problem, so i suspect it could be the database connection, but i am not sure. Please help! :unhappy:

sorted: :happy:
It was a database session issue with the domain hosting site

Hi There

I am having some issues the same as you experienced here.

When i enter a payment received the click validate, i get auto logged out and payment does not save.

How did you fix the database session problem??

Thank you

Several things can cause this. Incorrect cache settings in htaccess or with CDN, content security policy, keep-alive header may be set to “connection: close” you can also look at the Dolibarr settings Home > Setup > Security settings.

Dolibarr Default Security settings
Time out for session=1440 sec
Connexion timeout=120
Response timeout=30
Use a proxy server (otherwise direct access to internet)=No

Thank you for your reply

I have checked the security setting and all are set correct.

What would i be looking for in the hta access file ??

Like I say Im not a computer wiz lol

Thank you

Home > Setup > Admin tools >About PHP will tell you if keep-alive is enabled. Are you using any type of caching?


Same problem here.

After installing 12.0.3 I have continuous disconnections.

Sometimes I manage to click a couple of times and enter a menu, other times I do not, I get auto logged out and have to login again.

None of the above suggestions worked for me.

What can happen?

Thank You