SOLVED: Getting error if i create leave of more then 1 day

Getting this error on http://ip/holiday/card.php when submitting leave under hrm module more then 1 day
Any help?


Fatal error: Call to undefined function unixtojd() in /var/www/html/core/lib/date.lib.php on line 804


In order for anyone to try to help you, kindly advise which version of Dolibarr you’re using.

7.0.1 version

Try updating to 7.0.3 as both incremental updates contain bug fixes.

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I had the same problem on 7.0.4. The issue was created by another user here: Issue #10244

The problem is not Dolibarr. You need to have the PHP Calnder extension installed for your version of PHP on your server. Check with your hosting company if you struggle.