Some questions about planned upgrade

I am planning to upgrade from 5.0.2 to v 16.0.3. The upgrade is with a web hosting provider.
Having seen that others have done large jumps in their updates, I don’t anticipate any issues, but I’ll ask nevertheless: Is it possible to do this in one go?
I have no external modules.
Having read the Wiki the process seems quite straight forward.
Can I simply make a backup of the database and restore with the upgraded version?
I have also modified some documents. Can I just backup the whole existing documents folder and restore them back?

Create a clone of your installation i.e. copy documents and htdocs folders to a new location and then copy the database tables to a new database (do not forget to alter “conf/conf.php” with the new locations and database). Then run the migration on the test installation. If everything is OK, you can keep your old install for reference and start using the clone as default :slight_smile:

However, if you have custom modules there is a high possibility that they will not work after the upgrade.