SSO office 365

Hello guys,

I want to configure single sign on to dolibarr with office 365 , configuring the dolibarr application in Azure Active Directory giving to the final users the way to login into dolibarr using their e-mail and password for office 365.

How can I do it?

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Sounds to me like this would go way beyond the scope of Dolibarr. Did you consider hiring (and paying) a freelancer to do that for you? Probably you need more of an Azure specialist than a Dolibarr specialist. I’ve found great folks on and


It seems that there is a native function to do that :

Just need to use search on the forum…

There is a native module called LDAP directory synchronisation in Dolibarr that is just for that but haven’t tried it.

The LDAP sync module supports LDAP access not OAuth used by Azure AD or Office 365

You may check this article

Any updates to this since the last many months? I like many of the features of Dolibarr, but lacking support for 365 OAuth is almost a dealbreaker against the competing softwares which come with support.