Stock not visible after import

Hello everybody,

I have finally come to the point of creating an account on the forum due to an error/bug which I can not seem to resolve.

I have imprted a list of stocks (ProductRef, WarehouseRef, StockQty) and have done so successfully. When i go into the warehouse list it also shows me the total amount of stock in each warehouse, so far so good. However when i enter one of the warehouses it says that there is no stock and NO products inside the ware house. I can not seem to figure out why this is happening and maybe someone knows an answer.

Dolibarr Version: 11.0.3
Hosted on Azure

Here is the card view

Are you sure you did import on 11.0.3?
Should be fixed: issue
Maybe try to upgrade to 11.0.4, but you will have to cleanup your database. You have clean database backup from before import?

Ah I see what the issue is, yes I did import on 11.0.3 but the bug persists somehow.
I have however fixed it quite easily after reading the link you posted.

If anyone is interested it is a very simple querry to fix the entries.

UPDATE llx_product_stock st, llx_product prod
SET st.fk_product = prod.rowid
WHERE prod.ref = st.fk_product

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