Storing backup using RAID on Windows

I run a clinic and have assigned someone to manage appointments and patient data on our Dolibarr server. Since he’s not tech-savvy, I’m worried about potential data loss by drive failure or a technical accident. Could you please guide me on setting up an automatic backup for Dolibarr database? Also, where does Dolibarr store its data by default? By knowing, it’s going to help for using a dynamic backup drive. Thanks a bunch!


How is Dolibarr installed ? Doliwamp ?

Oh yes! I used the Doliwamp.exe installer. Sorry for not mentioning that in my post, this is completely my first experience in using Dolibarr.

you will find in your Admin Tools, the last entry - planed jobs, there you can plan a backup of your database, you find more information on the dolibarr wiki about Backup and Recovery, for full backup you should also make a backup of your document folder.
If you are worried about hardware issues i would recommend to use a cloud server, i myself was surprised how cheap a linux server could be, roughly 4 € per month, and dolibarr is quickly installed on one of those servers, in the wiki you will find an easy guide for “Hardening the installation”, no worry any more about hardware issues.


Doliwamp, is designed to have a quick overview of Dolibarr, but not to run safely Dolibarr for years.
Personally, I thank that a CRM is key for a company, so I would invest a few € per month to order it online with automatic backup : Cloud Solutions for Dolibarr ERP CRM - Dolibarr ERP CRM Wiki

But if you still want to have your data’s locally, invest on a dedicated server, with RAID and UNIX base.
With external backups.