Strange problem when creating Contacts

Hello to everyone.
My company stared using Dolibarr i have transfered all our data in the dabase and everything is working fine. But i cannot create new contacts. Im getting this strange error from the debug mode:
Dolibarr version - 15.0.1.

2022-05-12 11:47:27 ERR DoliDBMysqli::query SQL Error message: DB_ERROR_167 Out of range value for column ‘rowid’ at row 1

* error

2022-05-12 11:47:27 ERR Contact::create Out of range value for column ‘rowid’ at row 1

This is the SQL error:
INSERT INTO llxcg_socpeople ( datec, fk_soc, lastname, firstname, fk_user_creat, priv, fk_stcommcontact, statut, canvas, entity, ref_ext, import_key) VALUES ('2022-05-12 12:05:13', 24812,'Georgiev','Petar', 1, 0, 0, 1, null, 1,'', null)
[DB_ERROR_167] Out of range value for column 'rowid' at row 1

I have checked the database  : [llxcg_socpeople] - rowid - and its set to INT, but i keep getting that error and i cannot create new contacts.

System :
Server: Localhost via UNIX socket
Server type: MariaDB
Server version: 10.3.34-MariaDB-log - MariaDB Server
Protocol version: 10
If anyone has ever had that problem and found solution would be perfect. We are using (Bulgarian as default lang - havnt tryed if i switch to English)

Values might not be unique as rowid is a primary key.

Im just trying to add a new contact. Im attaching an image everything is filled but i keep getting the same error.

Here is the database problem in debug mode.

The value used for rowid when creating a new contact is a value auto incremented.
You should have a look in database to know what is the property autoincrement of field rowid in table socpeople.

Everything looks normal to me here are some screenshots from the database