Support for PHP7

Are there any plans to support PHP7 on Linux? I’m using Ubuntu v19.10 and there are no options for PHP5.



Okay. I finally find in the docs where php v7.4 is supported, however, when I attempt to install I get dependency errors:

dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of dolibarr: dolibar depends on libapache2-mod-php5 | libapache2-mod-php5filter etc…

If php 7.4 is supported, then why am I getting dependency errors on php5?

Thank you.


Hi Daryl,

To my taste :slight_smile:
Use nginx (instead of apache - see nginx dolibarr conf with googling, it’s a joke to setup)
Use PHP 7.x as you want (huge speed gain vs PHP 5.x)
Download Dolibarr from sources (instead of “dpkg” a prebuilt package - dolibarr is really easy to install from a genuine zip…)

Our setup here (multiples instances) : Dolibarr 11.0.3 (important - or not, its depends on the goals/context), PHP 7.3 (important), Maria DB 10.0.38 (old - no matters) & Nginx 1.14.2 (old too - no matters)


Do not use the .deb
Install it from zip

Thank you for the feedback. I finally got Dolibarr installed. I had to clean out MySQL, Apache, all of PHP and do a complete fresh install of everything. It took a bit, but I finally got it installed. However, I can’t log in.

What is the default user ID and password?



So it appears that I didn’t get Dolibarr installed as I initally thought. I know that it appeared to hang during the install. Something about conducting a ping, don’t remember for sure. I did a fresh of my session, and got a login screen. so I thought that I was able to install. However, after a reboot of my system, I was right back at square one. Dolibarr saw that something had been installed and was prompting me to do an upgrade, or a fresh re-install. I attempted to re-install, but again, right back to having issues.

I get "504 Gateway Timeout error’. Wiped out the database, and tried to re-install, however, I’m still not able to get a full install. Again it hangs, and I get “504 Gateway Timeout error”.

Any other thoughts?



Sorry, but I just could not get the Dolibarr installed via the zip file. I finally switched back to Apache and installing via the Debian package. I did have to create the database and user by hand as I was never able to get the installer to create them. I now have a full functioning Dolibarr installation. I’ll work with it and hopefully it will fulfill my needs.

Thank you.


Hi Ksar,

How are you…

I am trying to install dolibarr 14.0.5 on cPanel based Ubuntu + Apache2 + MySQL + PHP 7.4.27

unfortunately, I am getting an error : No input file specified.

I tried many times with all redirections in .htaccess or .conf files of apache but no luck.

Appreciate any help / guidance please.


This is resolved by installing apache libraries.